Halloween: The Second Phase Or, how many ways are there to say October has arrived?

I’m stumped. I’ve been doing this site for about six years now, and writing about Halloween on different platforms for even longer. How else can I announce that…


For the rest of the outside world that means it’s time to start getting ready for Halloween. For me, that means Halloween is already halfway over. But that’s a pessimistic way to look at it. Although September is more relaxing and less stressful and more… I dunno, cheerful for me, October’s arrival means broader society gets looped into my Halloween insanity whether they like it or not. And I no longer have to hear people intone “haunted houses are opening ALREADYYYY?”

And open they are, indeed. I went to one just last night, as a kind of unofficial Phase II christening ceremony. I suggest you do the same before the month gets too old. Remember Phoenix folks: Fear Farm and 13th Floor are the busiest haunted attractions in Arizona. Don’t show up at 8:30 on October 22nd with general admission tickets and expect to do anything besides stand in line. Fast Pass is your friend.

Given that it’s my job (that nobody hired me for) to inspire people to bring more Halloween spirit into their lives, IRememberHalloween.net officially endorses the following activities to be performed during the month of October:

  • Visit a haunted attraction or cornfield maze
  • Buy a pumpkin and carve it
  • Plan out and execute a costume
  • Watch horror or Halloween-related movies

All that is completely obvious and not worth mentioning, of course, but if you want to go just another step deeper, and I hope that you will, you can also:

  • Consume something pumpkin-flavored (yeah, I know. Get over the new social stigma and just enjoy it.)
  • Listen to Halloween music (I recommend The Misfits, Harley Poe, The Creepshow, The Coffinshakers, and of course my own mix on this here site)
  • Watch Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness horror movie reviews
  • Decorate your house, car, cubicle, sex dungeon, etc.
  • Go to a Halloween store or seasonal aisle just to play with things
  • Read The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween by J. Tonzelli

I will be doing ALL of these things, plus organizing several parties and building a DIY haunted house for the kiddies, so my October is entirely spoken for. I worry, I fret, I occasionally panic, but I always complete my list, and I always eventually find myself standing outside on Halloween night, after the trick or treaters have gone home, feeling the crisp Autumn air and wistfully appreciate the season’s events with a smile. It’s always worth it.

Happy Halloween month, friends.

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