Halloween Phase 1 Begins Now! Here we go again!

Black cats, scurrying rats

Flapping bats, and heart attacks

Paint your faces green, and act obscene

Cause it’s Halloween

Goblins, spooks, and vampires too

Werewolves come to chew on you

The jack o’ lanterns start to grin

So let the tricks and treats begin

–Pagan Holiday, Harley Poe

That there are the opening lyrics to one of, possibly THE, best Halloween songs ever created. They set the stage perfectly for two entire months of revelry, joy, and celebration of the Greatest Holiday. It’s always one of the first songs I listen to when September comes around, knowing that practically all the music I listen to will be Halloween-appropriate henceforth.

Speaking of which, The 2021 Halloween Playlist! Available only on CD! (Unfortunately)

Right now I have a stock of pumpkin beer to last the weekend: Rogue Pumpkin Patch, Pumking and Warlock from Southern Tier Brewing, and Shipyard Pumpkinhead. Like Pagan Holiday, these beverages also set the stage for the Halloween celebration to come, but on the palate. For the eyes, it’s all horror, all the time, beginning with Over the Garden Wall, Trick R Treat, and Tales of Halloween. Some time later, the decorations will come down from the attic in ever-increasing numbers of plastic crates and boxes (I have one box that is nothing but skulls. Another for pumpkins.)

September has become my favorite part of the Halloween season, because of what feels like a vast amount of time I have ahead of me to bask in it. It’s like Friday evening. I cherish watching Halloween literally arrive from place to place – Spirit stores open, former Back to School aisles become transformed into corny macabre manufactured dungeons. Billboards for haunted attractions start popping up. Anything and everything pumpkin flavored litters stores and coffee shops. This is “too early” for most people, but for me it’s just in time.

I plan to make the most of every minute for the next two months. Will you join me?


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