Halloween 2020, Phase I When it is more important than ever to remember Halloween

OK, so, elephant in the room: This will be a weird Halloween. “That which shall not be named” has thrown chaos into every aspect of daily life, including the holidays. But as I declared in great detail before, nothing can stop Halloween from coming. It’s here.

While most general stores are still replete with Back to School supplies in their holiday aisle, including Target and Walmart, Home Depot has once again ramped up their Halloween section. It’s truly insane how wild they’ve gotten. This year the big centerpiece is a whopping 12 foot tall skeleton that towers over you like a golem. There’s also a number of new animatronics including a triple floating reaper getup, with tombstones. Very tempting…

This, of all years, seems like a golden opportunity to go wild with outside decor for Halloween, to inject some much-needed spirit and make up for the compromised form of trick or treating that is certain to be the norm in most neighborhoods. I know I mean to make the most of it.

My own Halloween celebration with be much the same as it always has been – watching lots of horror movies, listening to Halloween music, decorating, tasting and smelling anything pumpkin, making too many trips to Spirit stores, and stressing about my costume choice. There may not be a huge party to prep for (which is a giant relief if I’m being honest), and Halloween night may be a bit less raucous, but the spirit lives on regardless.

I think I speak for most Americans when I say we’re all craving some distractions right now. Some simple positivity. For me, there’s no better source of that than Halloween. And I mean to spread it around as much as I can. (Check out my Instagram @i_remember_halloween)

Happy Halloween season, friends!

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