Halfway There!

Like that professional image I cooked up there? That took me longer than this entire post likely will. And that didn’t take very long.

But here we are! It is, as of midnight tonight (by my closest calculation) exactly halfway to Halloween. This is measuring from November 1st of last year, mind you. Not measuring from January 1st like some God damn lunatic. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll know that I am closer to Halloween than…. far away. That’s a hard concept to phrase. More time has passed since last Halloween ended than I have to wait for the next one. That’s better.

Since I don’t have anything more profound to say about it, I guess I’ll talk plans. You’ll see a new countdown clock over there on the right. Make sure you keep this site open in its own tab from here on out and keep an eye on the clock so you don’t miss it. I’ll start working on a new theme for this site soon, which should debut some time in August I imagine. I’ve been scouring the internet for ideas on how to make your own decorations, which is looking very promising. And plans are cooking to make Halloween At Camp Awesome 2012 a historic event. I can feel the lower back pain already, and I love it.

If you feel compelled to watch a horror movie today or tomorrow in honor of this milestone, then you are truly doing the lord’s work. Please let me know about it. I however will not be doing that. Besides closing my eyes and making a silent toast (and writing a blog post), I can’t bring myself to actually DO something Halloween-y yet. Just the way I roll.

But I will see you all in late August.

…. and the mayor walked with all the little children in their skeleton costumes with candles, into the gates of the cemetery

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