Halfoween 2018 Whoa-oh! Livin' on a prayer!

Today is April 30th, officially the halfway point between last Halloween and the upcoming one (if you want to get really technical, it’s midnight on this day). When I wake up tomorrow, there will officially be less time remaining until Halloween than there was going away from it. And yes, this is a thing that I take the time to recognize in my life. We all have our vices…

I think this is as good a time as any to re-light the old pumpkins back up there at the top of the site. I was planning to wait until September (Phase I), but what the hell. I like ’em lit.

The other thing I’m doing tonight – and this is 100% true – is working on the Halloween 2018 playlist. Yes, the ratio of effort put into this compilation to appreciation received is all wrong. But I do it anyway, because these traditions were started to protect us, but nowadays… no one really cares. I do it because it’s fun. The few that do appreciate it are more than enough.

I went to an official Halfway to Halloween party on Saturday. This is also a thing that happens in my life. It’s a quite… unusual feeling. It was A Halloween Party in every sense you would expect, and so emotions were conjured up that are normally reserved for the exact opposite time of the year. Even the weather was roughly the same as you’d expect on a real Halloween in Phoenix, Arizona, but an inverted version. As a good friend of mine and fellow Halloween fanatic noted, the best part of Halfway to Halloween is not that Halloween itself is six months away, but that Halloween season is only four months away. That, I can hang with.

For me, and possibly me alone, this period also marks just one month until Summer of Horror. My annual appetizer to the Halloween feast. I can’t wait to become acquainted with more notable horror films both old and new. We’re currently in a horror golden age, so this year ought to be heavy with modern releases. All the same, there are vintage classics I’m definitely striking off my list this year. Looking forward to it.

With that said, I’m going to indulge myself in a little commemorative toast to the coming Halloween season – now OFFICIALLY getting closer with each passing day. I’ll see you on the other side.

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