Well. It seems we are here.

I can hardly believe it.

Halloween Phase I (H12P1 if you’re into the whole “brevity” thing). With the arrival of September, Summer colloquially has passed, leading us into Fall. While the Gregorian calendar and Phoenix’s still-searing inferno may suggest otherwise, I am ready to welcome Autumn and the start of the Halloween season.

Today I thought I’d share a couple of images that represent what Phase I is all about. First we have BevMo:

You can dig through the archives for my reviews of these.

These are the first two pumpkin beers of the season. As people in other states may notice the first orange, fallen leaf, this is one of my heralds of Autumn. I find the Buffalo Bills brand to be pretty middle of the road but the Wasatch is quite good. Still not the best there is though.

Next we have the following sighting at Walgreen’s, and two images I am well used to seeing juxtaposed.

Wait for it…

That’s the familiar Back to School aisle. But school is indeed back, and most of the students ought to be well-stocked by now. Direct your eyes upwards…

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!” –Will Smith

Yes! The first Halloween decorations, staged and ready to launch. Just need to unload a few more pens and folders and reams of college-rule, and in will swoop the styrofoam gravestones and skeletons and orange lights and makeup. I kind of love that Walgreens puts out this stuff way up out of reach so early – it makes me imagine that there’s somebody who works there that’s as obsessed as me, so eager to stock the Halloween aisle they poise these items up above, taunting the Back to School stuff. Guess which aisle people will be more excited to go through?

Finally, here’s a picture of my shaved leg:

The night HE came home

I hemmed and hawed about posting this picture, because this is only half the tattoo. The color will be done in about a month, so expect a much sweeter picture around the start of Phase II. Halloween is now a permanent part of me. Whaddya know?

And with that, I Remember Halloween is resurrected for 2012. There’s a lot of mirth and a lot of work ahead of me. There will be another Quest for All the Pumpkin Beers, a constant watch for the opening of Spirit Stores, horror movie reviews, decoration progress reports, and something about a party?

Gather ’round creeps, gather ’round fools, gather ’round spirits and gather ’round ghouls

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