Game Time Halloween Phase II is here. Time to kick it into high gear.

Pumpkins are piled up in giant cardboard boxes at grocery stores. Cotton spider webs are appearing with increasing frequency in public places. The infamous 12 foot tall Home Depot skeleton is sold out everywhere. And Christmas decorations are twinkling away in the dead center of Costco. Halloween month is here.

About that Home Depot skeleton – no, I didn’t get one. Decoration storage is a major concern of mine. But I am delighted beyond measure that such an enormous, expensive, spooky item would be so popular. It’s healthy for the holiday and encouraging for the future.

I am enjoying the Season so far. My own routine hasn’t been disrupted at all by “it which shall not be named”, but the differences of this year will become apparent later in the month, when party season starts, and definitely on Halloween night itself. But I’ll be trick or treating and I will be handing out candy – that’s a promise.

I’m also fulfilling an idea I’ve had floating around for several years now, and holding a short horror film festival. Calling it a festival is being very generous – it’ll be me and a handful of friends, but I have 10 personally curated short horror films waiting in a YouTube playlist, totaling roughly 90 minutes. We’ll be ranking them and discussing our favorites. Should be fun. Bad Horror Movie night is also on the books, this time taking place outside with a projector and some bean bags and lawn chairs.

Here is where I must also insert a totally unsolicited and unpaid plug for Shudder, the horror streaming service. During the Season, it’s the first place I go when I’m not sure what I want to watch, but I know I want it to be Halloweeny. And they have an absolutely ridiculous amount of spooky content. They’ve got Halloween. (And 4 and 5). They’ve got Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Creepshow the movie. Creepshow the series. Joe Bob Briggs. Re-Animator. It goes on and on. It will be indispensable for your nightly dose of Halloween spirit.

And with that, I’ve got more articles in the works to share with you all this month, so keep checking in. I’m old fashioned that way.

Black cats, scurrying rats
Flapping bats, and heart attacks
Paint your faces green, and act obscene
Cause it’s Halloween

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