Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song What do YOU do on Phase 2?

Phase 2 (or Phase II, for traditionalists) of Halloween Season 2019 is officially underway! Crunch time for me, prep time for just about everyone else, fun time for all.

I now have four phases to Halloween season. Had to add a Phase 0 to account for all the work I end up doing before official festivities begin on September 1st. Once I start doing haunted houses again I might need to turn THAT into Phase 1, and rejigger the entire enterprise. 7 phases of Halloween isn’t crazy, right? RIGHT?!

Now that it is Spooky Month, any and all have carte blanche to begin decorating their living space in earnest, inside and out. It is also acceptable to talk about costume plans in public, watch nothing but horror movies, eat and drink anything flavored like pumpkin (if you’re into that), and randomly pop out and scare co-workers and friends for no good reason. I also recommend taking this opportunity to select a great pumpkin to carve later in the month. Don’t wait until the grocery store bins are left with just the green, white, and warty ones.

OK, we’ve covered costumes, pumpkins, decorations, movies… what else is there? Seek your inspiration from this hand-picked selection of articles from the archive:

The Creepshow Shudder series has just kicked off, and will continue to release spooky shorts through Halloween. It looks promising.

Sick and tired of Halloween 1978, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Hocus Pocus? Check out some lesser known Halloween movies.

Thinking about taking your kids to a trunk or treat instead of real trick or treating? Maybe reconsider that.

Creep yourself out right before bed by regarding the creepy, creepy artwork of Stephen Gammell, from the Scary Stories books.

Music is an essential ingredient to any good party, Halloween included. Too bad most playlists you find in a quick Google search are terrible. Read about my search for great Halloween music here.

While I’m at it, check out my Spotify playlist of Halloween music. Guaranteed to set the correct vibe for your decorated homestead.

Happy Halloween!

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