Every Day is Halloween

At least, in October it is…

Perhaps you’ve noticed my output on this site has lowered somewhat this year compared to those past. “Lowered” to the tune of like, a third. Yes, things are very different this year. For various (mainly job-related) reasons, I have only had a fraction of the computer time that I normally do, and have not been able to update the site nearly as often as I’d like to. But that’s OK, because what spare time I do have has been totally dedicated to the celebration of Halloween. I’ve already watched a respectable 15 horror movies in just the front half of the season. Inside decorations are nearly 100% complete, with outside decorations going up shortly. And the bulk of the construction of the haunted house is already complete.

More importantly, it’s…

Halloween Phase 2

It’s October!!! The month in which nobody can condescend to you for wearing a T-shirt with a jack o’ lantern on it in public.

This is when things really heat up for the Halloween fan. You’ll start to encounter people discussing their costume ideas. You’ll see pumpkins in every grocery store. All the haunted houses are open for business. And although I’ll have to enjoy it only in spirit, cable TV stations will start to air their Halloween-centric programming. It’s really a beautiful time.

There’s a pumpkin beer sitting beside me (Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’, if you’re wondering [I’m writing this a night early so no judging].), the smell of pumpkin spice candles is wafting through the house, and all the lights are red and orange. I’m looking forward to all the little mini-Halloweens we’ll celebrate leading up to the Big Day, and the other Big Day. I’m looking forward to seeing lines of costumed trick or treaters snaking down my driveway, and seeing them get the bujeesus scared out of them. I’m even looking forward to all the work that goes into making those things happen.

Every year my reputation as “the Halloween guy” grows a little. It’s a weird obsession to have, this one holiday. I’ve dedicated the entirety of this website more or less to parsing out the reasons for that obsession, and still haven’t really succeeded. As far as I’ve known, it’s something about the intersection of nostalgia and the celebration of life. This is just the form that it’s taken.

Speaking of which, I tried a Burger King Halloween Whopper…


How could a cheeseburger be “Halloween”, you may ask? Well, the bun is black (like, black as a thousand midnights), and it comes in a special mummy-themed wrapper. Incidentally, that black bun is also infused with the flavor of A1 sauce. And A1 sauce has no component of Halloween whatsoever. So yeah, maybe I got hoodwinked. Taken advantage of. But damned if this Whopper didn’t taste good. There’s no reason on Earth ANY sandwich from Burger King should cost more than a Double Double from In N Out, but for what it’s worth, the Halloween Whopper didn’t disappoint.

Moving on…

I can’t recommend highly enough Cinemassacre.com’s Monster Madness as a central Halloween ritual. It returns for its 9th (!) year TODAY. Check it out every morning.

So this month, buy a pumpkin, watch a horror movie or 20, and agonize over the tiniest details of your costume. It’s Halloween Phase II.

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