Countdown to a countdown

This post is a confession. I’ve been having a hard time not breaching my own “no Halloween till September” rule.

I’ve restrained myself a couple of times. I’ve also failed to restrain myself. For example, I have browsed the new items on the Spirit Store website.  I’ve watched a couple of old Monster Madness videos. I listened to a bit of Misfits. I also walked into a Walgreens for the sole purpose of checking out the haps. The haps being the progress of their seasonal aisle. It’s still entirely back-to-school, as expected, but at the very end of the aisle, there was this (Note the telltale spiders):

And in the back corner of the store, perched way up on top of the aisle, were decorations. They were being staged for the September rollout. I am not going to post a picture of these, because that’s what we in The Industry call a “teaser”.

I recently got new tires at Costco, and while I was waiting I strolled through the store and saw what I was frankly expecting to appear much sooner than this:

Besides this, there was also a small rack with a few children’s superhero/princess costumes, and some trick or treat-themed bags of party favor-sized Play Dough (important to note: It was the bag that was Halloween-themed, not the Play Dough). It’s possible they will bring in more stuff in the coming weeks. They normally have ONE good decorative item, like my Giant Skull. But I’m not counting on it. They’re already setting up the Christmas aisle. I hope you’re happy, Jesus.

But the biggest breach of fidelity….. well, just LOOK:

One more week. One more week.

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