Contribute to Halloween 14!

Hey friends… sigh…

This is my least favorite part of the Halloween season festivities. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but it’s an undeniable truth that the years of crafting a Halloween party that continually ups the ante means that our intentions have exceeded our resources. There’s simply not enough time and money to go beyond what we’ve done in previous years, and going that step beyond is a promise we’ve made and (I think) kept to all the awesome people who have elected to celebrate our favorite holiday with us.

Halloween 13

So, once again, the time has come to stick out my tin can and rattle it for you. You will notice, as always, the Paypal donation button over on the right that makes it super simple to chip in a couple buckaroonies to the Camp Awesome Halloween Hootenanny. If you are attending the party itself, there will also be a box set up for cash donations if that’s more your style.

Last year, I experimented with a Kickstarter-inspired idea to reward monetary donations with personalized cartoons. It wasn’t a bad idea, but I found that fulfilling the “perks” ended up being tougher than anticipated. This year I want to try another experiment, one that might hopefully alleviate two burdens at once.

Here’s the pitch: If you fancy yourself the creative type, and want to contribute to Halloween 14 in a different way, I’ve got just the thing for you. Help me create the haunted house.

The garage haunt is precisely that too-large bite we have recently insisted on chewing as a big draw for the party and for the trick or treaters on Halloween proper. It’s the fulfillment of a long-held childhood dream of mine and now that we’ve got a couple under our belts, there’s no way we can give it up. While we’ve accumulated enough stuff over our many years of Halloweening to transform the entire interior of our house for party purposes, the garage haunt is still in its formative stages and demands much attention and labor.

Haunt hall

Long story short, I have a bunch of ideas for components to the haunted house that I would love to do. But as the deadline rapidly approaches I have been forced to place many of them in the “maybe next year” pile. None of these projects are terribly complicated, but some are a little time consuming. Anyone with the smallest of creative streaks ought to be able to pull most of these off without too much trouble. So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in helping out with, simply contact me directly through the medium of your choice and I can give you a list of possible projects. If one suits your fancy, it’s yours to make an indelible mark on Halloween 14. If none appeal to you, no hard feelings and no obligations.

Once you’ve chosen a project I will be happy to supply you with pictures for inspiration, or if need be, tools and supplies I already have on hand. From there you’ll be free to execute the project in whatever way you see fit.

Of course, monetary donations are still very much needed and appreciated, and I’ll do my best to personally show my appreciation for every single contribution, no matter the size.

Thank you, friends, in advance, and I cannot wait to reveal the full extent of Halloween 14 to all of you. One way or another, this WILL be the craziest Halloween ever. The excitement I have just about compensates for the shame I feel at having to beg for help.

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