Bullet points

  • Grindhouse is finally out on Blu-Ray in completed form. Both films together with all trailers and commercials in between and loads of special features. While picking it up I noticed several horror movies on sale at Best Buy. One of which was Trick R Treat! You can have Trick R Treat on Blu-ray for 10 bucks! You go buy. You go buy now!
  • Stopped by Party City Costume Warehouse. I thought I was going to normal Party City but they slyly moved the store and put the Costume Warehouse in its place. A young girl in the store was literally paralyzed with fear just being there. She had her eyes closed tight and refused to move. The place was not particularly spooky. Perhaps she was terrified of the prices? I managed to find a rather large tombstone for what seemed like an unseasonably reasonable price of $8.99. When it rang up, it came out to be four times as expensive as the handwritten price tag, but they adjusted the price for me. I think someone absentmindedly wrote the wrong price on it. So by total mistake, I got a good deal.
  • Feeling like luck was on my side I went to Spirit. The place was pretty busy and for once they seemed to be mixing in some actual Halloween music along with the standard “Cliche’ Party Hits ’85” album they often play. I didn’t get any accidental deals but I picked up some great stuff that I’ve had my eye on. And it lifted my Halloween spirits to see Spirit so active.
  • Did I mention that the Trick R Treat Blu-Ray is TEN DOLLARS at Best Buy right now?
  • The Halloween party invitations have been sent, and the annual playlist has begun to take shape. These are both significant milestones.
Gather ’round creeps, gather ’round fools
gather ’round spirits and gather ’round ghouls
Listen to me, for I have a story of blackening fright
and all things gory
of grinning pumpkins and demon cats
of wicked witches and scurrying rats
They’ve all come together to celebrate and feast
Larry the wolf, and Igor the beast
For this is the night when little babies cry
and orange mist pours from their eyes
Monster girls and monster men patiently wait for the fun to begin
What do they know that we’ve never seen? I’ll tell you my friend,
The glorious hootenanny they call Halloween

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