Brown Leaf Vertigo

Well hello there, Autumn.

It is now Fall – the official season of Halloween! Not only did the high temperature drop about 9 degrees from yesterday to mark the occasion, but decorating has begun at Camp Awesome. Normally, we wait until October 1st, but as things have become so ludicrously elaborate, placing such restrictions on the preparation seemed foolish.

I’d like to share some photos with you. Here’s a shot of some of the Halloween decorations we brought down from our creepy attic that makes me think of The Grudge.


There’s a cameo in there by a bottle of Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin I had been saving for this occasion. It’s now become my favorite pumpkin beer. It’ll get a more prestigious celebration of that achievement in the Pumpkin Beer Roundup.

Here, things are starting to unfurl.

Let me tell you something about vinyl wall coverings: I have been using them for 5 years now, and as useful as they are at transforming a room, they are also a subtle form of psychological torture. If your wall paint is anything glossier than “flat”, there’s no way that I’ve discovered to hang vinyl wall coverings in a way that both holds up to gravity and doesn’t damage your walls. I’ve used more varieties of tape than I can remember, but year after year, I spend untold cumulative hours repairing fallen wall sections.

So concludes my rant about vinyl wall coverings.

One more week left in Phase I.



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