Bountiful Pumpkinosity

Don’t let my gun-jumping from last week fool you – this is the REAL kickoff to pumpkin beer season right here.


Oh, yeah. Thank you Total Wine, for this bounty in which I am about to partake…

First item of note: SOUTHERN TIER PUMPKING. I’ve heard of this beer from review sites, it’s supposedly legendary among pumpkin beers and has never been available in tha AZ before. There it sits. Flanking it on the right, from the same brewery is Warlock, a pumpkin stout. Pumpkin. Stout. I’ve never before tried such a thing.

In the middle are some reliable old standbys. Pumpkinhead needs no introduction. The Uinta Punk’n and Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’ are both perfect “every day” pumpkin beers, for the select few people on Earth who could even conceive of such a thing. Mind, this wasn’t EVERY pumpkin beer Total Wine had to offer at this early stage. I didn’t bother with Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat or Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin. And Shipyard’s signature Smashed Pumpkin, well, that will be saved for a special occasion.

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