Blowing Out the Jack O Lanterns Looking back on one more Halloween on the night of its departure

I feel weird.

Halloween’s over, and the mixture of emotions I’m feeling is, to say the least, strange. I bounce between the thrill of how well everything turned out this year, to the melancholy of knowing it’s over, to the vague sense of displacement not knowing what I’ll do with my time anymore. All the dense layers of decorations in and around my house – the tattered fabric, skeletons, pumpkins – it suddenly fails to make me feel anything other than dread at having to take it all down and pack it away. But the memories they represent are going to be some of my fondest, I can already tell.

I no longer have a default soundtrack to play (Halloween music) when it’s quiet. I no longer have a slew of movies (horror) that are guaranteed to pair perfectly with my mood each and every night. I don’t have any huge events to plan and execute. No stores to drop in on just to look at their seasonal aisle. The rest of the holidays are on their way, which is fortunate, because believe it or not as soon as all the Halloween decorations are packed away, I find it pretty easy to get excited for Thanksgiving and even Christmas. I’m a sucker for all the holidays I guess. 

This two month long endless celebration of Halloween has undoubtedly been one of, if not THE, best ever. Right from the start I could tell the vibe for Halloween 2015 was perfectly tuned. I’m sure it being a Saturday Halloween had much to do with it. Mainstream society itself was more into it than I’ve ever seen. It makes me a little worried about next year, Halloween falling on a Monday, not being able to live up to this one. But whatever, I’ll do my best, as always, to spread the spirit.

The haunted house was a huge hit, with a persistent line of customers going through for over an hour straight. Reactions were overwhelmingly positive, even taking into account the few snotty kids declaring it “not scary” (we corrected some of the trash talkers by jacking up the intensity).

Slightly drunk and still buzzing from the earlier night’s events, I haphazardly carved one last Jack O Lantern just after midnight and lit it. It turned out to be slightly rotten inside, which was both gross and weirdly appropriate for the moment. The Jack O Lantern and all its related Halloween imagery will disappear from our lives for another few months soon, replaced immediately by Christmas trees and candy canes and baubles (you’ve probably noticed, this process began even before Halloween). And so this website will enter hibernation until some time next year. Before we know it, another Summer (of Horror) will be upon us and I’ll be in disbelief yet again that I’m staring down the barrel of another coming Halloween. The cycle is the whole point.

Thank you to my wife, and no. 1 partner in Halloweening, and to the Halloween Committee for helping push us to the next level. To our generous Kickstarter donors, our friends who killed it with their amazing costumes at the party, and to everyone who partook in any part of this insane production, including the precious few who read this site! We’ll see you next year.

The last Jack O Lantern
The last Jack O Lantern

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