An Endless Halloween It's October 31st again. How are YOU spending it?


There’s one big difference between the celebration of holidays as a kid and as an adult. As a kid, anticipation was something you suffered with before you got to the good stuff. As an adult, the anticipation IS the good stuff. The actual holiday is about a day, but the lead up can be weeks or even months long (with me and Halloween, it’s months). Journey, not destination, all that crap.

This year I found myself telling people that my idea of heaven is to live in a perpetual state of late September/early October. With Halloween creeping up all around you, building more each day, haunted houses starting to open, pumpkin beers lining the shelves of grocery stores… all moving ever closer to a Halloween that will never come. Never end. But that’s not to take anything away from today – THE DAY – because without this day, nothing of these last two months would exist. And besides, there can be no such heaven as I’ve described. The cycle – the build up, the big bang, and the subsequent wait for next year – ARE what creates the joy of Halloween and any good holiday.

And for all the kids who will take to the streets tonight resplendent in their costumes and pumpkin pails and pillow cases, today is purely and simply the only Halloween. Maybe some will grow up to be fanatics like me, some will tire of the concept completely, but many will create enough memories in this one night to make that year long wait for next Halloween so beautifully agonizing. Without trying to sound grandiose, I feel like my purpose tonight and for the past couple months is to create as many of those memories for other people as I can.

This was a good year for memory creation. You’d think that with everything I cram into the Halloween season it would fly right by in a blink. But actually, this Halloween felt like it lasted a year. It’s amazing. I take stock of the things we did – the memories we created – and it’s too much to keep in my head. 60 some-odd horror movies, new and old. 5 or 6 parties. Building the haunted house. Going to haunted houses. Finding more corners of the house to stuff decorations. The thousands of empty calories worth of pumpkin products consumed. These things may seem trivial or even banal, but to me they’re meaningful. As I’ve said in the past, this is all about celebrating life through the mirror of death.

I don’t know what everyone has planned for tonight, but if you’re reading this on the day it’s published I sincerely hope you’ll make this Halloween your own. If you have legitimate cause to go out among the trick or treaters, I envy you. If you don’t, the options are even more wide open. We’re never more than a few remote clicks away from great horror movies these days – pick something you love. Carve a pumpkin. Hand out candy. Or, you know, come to my haunted house…

Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night…

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