Lately several people have remarked to me that Halloween seems to have arrived exceptionally early this year. I couldn’t agree more. Plastic skeletons could be purchased at Costco by mid-July, the pumpkin beers started popping up in August, and now, barely into September, there are pumpkins at the grocery store.

punkinsPersonally, I don’t think it’s too outlandish to take credit for all of this. I’ve been preaching the gospel of the two month Halloween for years now – and it looks like the world has taken my lead!

Moving on.

I needed to go to Michael’s for some art supplies last night. Oddly enough, it didn’t occur to me until I was at the front door that Michael’s is always one of the first places to jump into the Halloween season.

Michael's 1They’re not doing too shabby. They don’t really have costumes – which is more than fine by me as they pretty much just take up valuable decoration space – but their selection is about equivalent to Walgreens. Nothing big or expensive but some very serviceable Halloween knick knacks. I especially like that the skeleton parts were all organized together.

Michael's 2After I got what I came for and left, to my eyes what should appear? A SPIRIT STORE. An OPEN Spirit store.

Alright I admit it – before I left the house I hopped on Spirit’s website to find out when the stores were opening. Normally, they start cutting ribbons around mid-September, and they are all open by October 1st. Turns out, many of these locations were ¬†open even before September began! So much for delayed gratification.

Spirit 1I showed up just a few minutes before closing, so I didn’t get a chance to really drink it all in, but let me tell you – Spirit has once again upped the ante. It seems they’ve taken to having more care in displaying some of their higher priced items to make them more enticing. For example, they had a dedicated display just for demonstrating their fog machines and lighting effects. There were also multiple large, unexpectedly elaborate staging areas for their animatronic figures – the most prominent being “The Asylum”.

Spirit AsylumThis was only scratching the surface – naturally I will be back to these stores several times before the season is through. But I’m scared. I’m scared of the money I am going to spend in here. I’m scared of trying to find a place to store things in the off-season now that my attic is full. Oh… first world problems. Some countries would find the sight of a bookshelf loaded with human skulls a soul-crushing, terrifying sight. To me, it’s childhood fun.

SkullsOf course, don’t forget, if you want to experience some of this stuff first-hand at the Halloween party – click click clickety click!


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