The Abridged List of Things I Like About Halloween

Plastic skeletons

Corn syrup blood

Cotton spider webs

AMC Fear Fest

Signs at Target that say “Fright Done Right”

Neon colored hair spray

Spirit Halloween stores

Pumpkin beer

Pumpkin bread

Pumpkin anything

Trick ‘R Treat on blu-ray

Halloween on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray

All other horror movies

… but not really sci-fi

…OK, some sci-fi

Haunted attractions

Goodwill Halloween-specific billboards

Halloween-themed commercials on TV

Horror movie marathons on TV

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (even though I’ve never seen it)

Plastic severed body parts and organs in butcher wrap at Dollar Tree

The Camp Awesome Halloween party

Styrofoam gravestones

The colors orange, black, purple, and neon green

Light bulbs in the above colors

The sounds of horrified shrieking followed by laughter

John Zacherle, Boris Karloff, and Vincent Price

Tim Burton (pre-2000’s)

The Misfits

The Other Misfits that had Michale Graves instead of Danzig and didn’t cuss and played softcore metal but still absolutely nailed the mood of Halloween somehow

Candy everywhere

Weather getting colder but not too cold

The official beginning of the holiday season

Being covered up to the elbows in pumpkin innards

The smell of baking pumpkin seeds

My jaw literally being sore after a pumpkin seed chewing binge

Costume/pumpkin carving/decorating contests at work

People telling me I will obviously win all Halloween-related contests

People telling me, “you really like Halloween.”

Halloween Theme – John Carpenter

Going to a grocery/convenience/department store for the sole purpose of looking at their Halloween aisle

The “horror” section of used DVDs at Zia Records

Bad Horror Movie Night

Walking the streets in the early evening on Halloween night

Feeling like a kid again

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