A whole lotta Halloween goin’ on

Ladies and gents, we’re in the thick of it now. Mid-October is really the best part of Halloween when you think about it. There’s still a couple weeks of seeing pumpkins and skeletons and bats everywhere you go, and the whole country has acknowledged the arrival of Halloween. I get to deal with sidelong glances and raised eyebrows all through September, but now the horror movie marathons have started, the commercials are getting Halloween-themed, and the Spirit stores are packed.

I barely have time to step back and enjoy it all, and I can’t help but note the irony once again. I love Halloween because of the lack of obligations, so I’ve gone ahead and filled my plate with more of them than I can honestly handle. But when I walk through my house at dusk, bathed in orange light, with spiderwebs and skulls and fake blood in every corner, I have no regrets.

If you’re looking for some good time-wasters to get yourself in the mood, check out Dinosaur Dracula. I’ve mentioned it before, but really, you would do well to read this site. There’s a daily countdown of retro 80’s and 90’s Halloween-themed commercials that are amazing. I never realized how much corny television commercials set the stage for Halloweens as a kid. I think I like them because they prove that for these few special weeks, the world actually cares enough about Halloween to warrant commercials using it as a selling point.

Coming up, I’ve got the review of Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill – 2012 edition, along with an interview with Jack himself. There are a couple more pumpkin beers to discuss, and the handy “Pumpkin Beer Roundup” sheet. If I have time, some horror movie reviews, and the countdown of my top 10 Halloween songs.

14 days to go….

Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright

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