A Tribute to the Art of Rado Javor More Halloween than Halloween

This is Part 1 of a four part series on visual artists that specialize in Halloween-themed pieces.

It has occurred to me that I devote a lot of words around these parts to horror movies, music, and even books, but I rarely profile the artists out there doing the devil’s work, fashioning the imagery of Halloween on their own time.

I previously paid tribute to Stephen Gammell’s legendary Scary Stories work. Next I want to focus on an artist whose work I kept seeing pop up in various Halloween-related galleries online, but as things so often go on the internet, the artist’s name was not always credited. His work is stunningly detailed, evoking a Halloween spirit straight from the old country (I forget which one exactly). He paints a world of perpetual Autumn dusk, pastoral societies of long ago partaking in an ancient version of trick or treating. Jack O’ Lantern eyes glow in shadowed corners. Pumpkin kings made of twisted roots stand vigil over bonfire ceremonies. It’s a world I’d very much like to visit, but only on Halloween.

Trick or Treat by Rado Javor

The Pumpkin King by Rado Javor

Salem by Rado Javor

Check out his full portfolio here.

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