A ghastly affair

My entire body aches. My legs are wobbly, my back is sore, my fingertips are raw, and my left tricep is twitching for some reason.

I’ve been decorating the house.

I do it every year, but somehow I always forget exactly how torturous it is. It’s time consuming, it’s physically taxing, and it’s time consuming. It takes a long time as well. I suppose this is the result when you up the bar every time. The thing is I still get so excited about doing it that this agony is liable to continue for at least a few more years.

Fear Farm was a bust. I had hoped that going early in the season, during its second week, would save me from the unholy crowds this place seems to draw. Not so. It may seem crazy to simply turn around and go back home after a 30 minute drive, but if so, that’s because you are not familiar with two things: The sheer magnitude of this crowd, and the intensity of my hatred for gigantic crowds. It reminded me of a scene from any movie where a crisis drives the whole population of a city to flee at the same time, but the city is an island. Fear Farm was the dock where the boats are leaving and the local police are woefully unequipped to handle the emergency.

I now hate Fear Farm. I know, I’m saying that without having actually experienced their haunted attractions, and I also know that it’s not their “fault”, so to say. But I’m assigning blame because it’s not as easy to hold 250 billion people accountable.

The upshot of all this is that Halloween is clearly alive and well, even if it’s only apparent in the Southwest corner of Glendale. The other upshot is that I got to have a headstart on decorating. Good thing too because even with 1 – 3 people working last night and all of today, the house is still only about 70% decorated. I hope everyone appreciates how much work goes into creating this spookiness.

Never gonna get me, never gonna get me, never gonna get me I’m the Crimson Ghost

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