45 Days

That’s how many left. Left until Halloween Phase III, also known as Halloween. Well actually, if you peek at that countdown in the sidebar, it’s 44 days out. I meant to write this yesterday. But it is 45 days until Dia de los Muertos!

Not all the Spirit stores are open yet. I have to wonder what’s keeping them. It’s not as though the market for plastic skulls and blacklights and giant fuzzy spiders and animatronic zombies has a terribly long shelf life. Two months a year is about all you get, I’d imagine they want to maximize it.

A recent grocery shopping excursion yielded some pleasing sights. First and foremost….


Yep, the pumpkins are already out. However, these pumpkins are display only. While it’s true that a pumpkin can stay perfectly fresh for several months if kept in the proper environment, why risk it? Besides Fry’s somehow manages to only carry sub-par pumpkins, while Safeway’s cost the same and generally appear to be in better health. Go there for your pumpkins if you don’t plan on trekking out to a farm on the outskirts of town. NEVER buy pumpkins from a “pumpkin patch” within city limits, unless it’s worth thrice as much money to you to buy the same pumpkins you can get at the grocery store, but sitting on top of hay.

Anyways back to Fry’s. I like the Halloween section at Fry’s Marketplace. It’s one or two notches above what normal grocery stores tend to carry.

They have pretty decent decorations, plenty of lighting and pumpkin carving accessories, pretty much the usual stuff, just more of it. And of course I had to smile at this sight:

Let me tell ya, I always respect a place that has a good selection of skulls. It’s not enough to just have one type of skull. I crave variety.

Another little Halloween season milestone: I made my first purchase of Halloween goods, and it’s a doozy.

This is all from Party City and was had for under 50 bucks. For Halloween junk that’s pretty good. On the right, that’s bulk gauze. I buy it in bulk now. Then we’ve got a bloody shower curtain that I’ve had my eye on for some time, a bloody table cloth, some bloody hanging torture tools, and bloody severed hand in butcher’s wrap….. “bloody” is a major theme this year. Then up top we’ve got a couple of flickering candle bulbs. I don’t know where they’ll be used but I’ll make it work.

I always make it work. I’m like the Tim Gunn of macabre decorating. +5 female/gay points if you get that reference.

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

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