31 Days

I’m finding it quite hard to believe, but October is now upon us.

Yes, some horror movies have been watched, some decorations have been bought and a haunted house was even visited already, but I still don’t feel “ready” for Phase II yet. Don’t read that the wrong way – mentally I’m there, as always. There’s just so much work to do. This is when the decorating begins, and let me tell you, that task has been getting ABSURD in recent years. And because I can’t help being me, I’ve decided to throw a ton of other stuff on the pile. The lengths I go to relive childhood obsessions…..

Nevertheless, there’s much to be excited about. Celebrating Halloween in September is a mixed bag for someone like me. I love having two whole months to geek out over this stuff but before October the bulk of civilized society isn’t in Halloween mode yet. I get a lot of “isn’t it a little early to…?” But I’m always pleased at how, in an increasingly cautious, P.C. society, most everyone understands that October belongs to Halloween.

No wait, I’m thinking about football. Dagnabbit.

But to ME (and hopefully to you if you’re reading my site) October IS Halloween. There’s a reason I call it Halloween Phase II. One day simply isn’t enough (one month isn’t enough). Let’s run through the Phase II checklist real quick, as a matter of protocol. This is how any self-respecting Halloween fan should be spending the next 31 days:

  • Buy pumpkins for carving (they stay fresh for a very long time if kept out of the heat)
  • Watch as many horror movies as possible, including the old staples
  • Decorate the house, apartment, cubicle, prison cell, what have you
  • Buy components for your costume. If a costume hasn’t been decided on yet, close this browser and devote all mental energy to this decision at once.
  • Visit haunted attractions. Don’t be the guy who spends 25 bucks for 20 minutes of entertainment and spends the entire time mocking it.
  • Consume anything flavored like pumpkin, including actual pumpkins
  • Make semi-frequent updates on your Halloween tribute website (if applicable)

Those are the basics. There’s much more in store for me, including: Paint fake tombstones, build cemetery fences, write film reviews, and other things I’m not ready to divulge.

Finally, if you need a little help getting in the mood (and this website doesn’t do it for some reason), I recommend you check out Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness¬†and Dinosaur Dracula, from the creator of X-Entertainment.com. Both are running countdowns of sorts for the Halloween season.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

It started like any other festival day, the one of baking sugar skulls and bread for the dead and sewing skeleton costumes for the little children….

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