15 Skulls


15 Skulls

If 14 year old Jon could have peeked into the future and seen that 31 year old Jon would own no less than 15 false skulls, he would probably think that he aged into a most awesome adult. A dubious accomplishment, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

For the smart alecs who noticed there are only 14 skulls in that picture, one is off camera. It has hair attached. 

The one in the center up there? The largest one that still looks human? I bought that when I was 13 years old. I saved up my allowance and rode my bike down to Smith’s (Phoenix natives may remember this as a former Fry’s competitor that eventually got absorbed) and plopped down the 8 whole clams to own my very first plastic skull. Purchasing it was the sole purpose of the journey. And you know what? To this day it’s the best one I have. In 1996 8 dollars could buy you a full sized, virtually anatomically correct plastic skull with a hinged jaw. Today, I’ve seen styrofoam ones in 3/4 size that cost that much. Inflation hasn’t been kind to the artificial skull market.

The boxes have come down from the attic, and many of them unpacked, turning my living room into something of a condensed Halloween store.

Unfortunately my photography skills leave much to be desired and these pictures do not capture the sheer chaos of this room. But it’s the best kind of chaos. I used to unpack all my Halloween stuff and be surprised at how little was there when it was all gathered into one place. Now, it feels massive even in this state. I’m at the point now where I find props I completely forgot I owned every time I break open these crates.

Decoration has begun in earnest, which means that with each passing day, my living environment becomes more and more ambient. It makes my desire for pumpkin flavored consumables and horror movies I’ve seen 100 times all the more palpable. This is well and truly Phase I.

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