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A lesson that always stuck in my brain from “reading” class in elementary school was that fictional stories should have an introduction (moderate), a rising action (long), a climax (momentary), a falling action (brief), and a resolution (very brief). It applies to more than just fiction. For me, this Halloween was a story. August, when the first fickle signs of Halloween started poking out, was the introduction. September and the first part of October, with all their glorious horror movie marathons and decorating binges, was the rising action. The party was the climax. The past few days of reflection and lower key Halloween revelry was the falling action.

Today is the resolution. 

Jack o Lanterns 2013

It’s “Halloween”, according to the calendar. But this is not the climax. This is a send off. A glorious, heartfelt send off, to be sure, but this is the day I say goodbye to two solid months of what I call Halloween.

I’ve never had a bad Halloween, but this one was a notably great one. There were times I felt I couldn’t handle the weight of everything I took on. Free time was not in abundance and I didn’t get to do a few things I normally consider essential activities (no new haunted houses or horror movie reviews). But I think all the hard work and sleepless nights ended up making it seem longer and more meaningful than ever. With how quickly Halloween seemed to come this year, I was afraid it would be over in an instant. Such a thing thankfully didn’t happen.

And so, as I prepare to unleash my first ever public haunted house on the unsuspecting trick or treaters tonight, I feel immense satisfaction. Halloween 13 was an unprecedented success. I had a ton of help from wonderful people, and hopefully they have been thanked in a more personal manner. Tonight, after the trick or treating herd has thinned out and the lights start going out around the neighborhood, I plan (as always) to take a stroll around and soak it all in, one last time.

I will remember Halloween forever.

Til next year…

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